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Establish a military, industrial and civil connector company that leads scientific and technological innovation and serves the whole world.


Committed to continuous innovation and creating outstanding value


Qiangts Qiangtaisheng connector has been committed to the professional research and development and manufacture of D-connector. As a high-tech R&D and manufacturing enterprise, we are a professional D-type and industrial connector system solution provider integrating mold development, production and sales.

From Qiangtai Electronics in 2008 to now, Qiangts Qiangtaisheng has not only obtained many technical certifications, quality management, national high-tech enterprise certifications and nearly 100 patent certifications. Has a professional laboratory, testing room, as well as a complete and efficient connector production line. Provide one-stop worry-free service from research and development, testing to production. With strict quality management system and excellent R&D strength, we can realize various personalized needs of customers.

The company has now covered the global sales network, including Suzhou headquarters in the northern market, Shenzhen headquarters in the southern market and foreign trade teams. The marketing departments and agents are located all over the country, and Xinyi Industrial Park in Maoming City, Guangdong Province is used as the production base, equipped with all kinds of cutting-edge quality control quality management personnel to strictly control the product quality!

Nowadays, the reputation of Qiangts in the connector industry has become the benchmark of D-sub connectors. The company regards product innovation and quality service as the life of the enterprise, and adheres to the concept of "innovation broadens the horizon and quality breaks the pattern", constantly leading the domestic connector industry to an international perspective.

10 +

Countries applying Qiangts connectors worldwide

100 +

Head enterprise in service industry

1000 +

Covering industry segmentation scenarios

60 +

Cross-industry intelligent equipment

Development History


Qiangts set up Maoming production base to create local employment for hundreds of people.

Become a national high-tech enterprise and obtain various certificates and professional evaluation recognition.

First exhibited at Beijing International Connector Exhibition, Shanghai Munich Exhibition and Shenzhen International Connector Harness Exhibition.

Complete the construction of test equipment and laboratories for various products.


Qiangts formally established a foreign trade sales team, established an international station, etc., and obtained management certifications such as SGS, TUV and INT.

With the goal of expanding the market and breaking the pattern, the production and sales branch was set up in Suzhou for the first time to open up the northern market (Suzhou Qiangtongsheng Electronics Co., Ltd.).

In the same year, the annual turnover of Shenzhen head office and Huaqiang Trade Department reached 100 million yuan, and dozens of CNC lathes and automatic stamping equipment were added.


The intelligent laboratory was officially put into use, and more than 20 new connectors and 10 waterproof equipment were developed.

For the first time, the delivery of RF coaxial products was reached with the national unit "Aerospace Information Innovation Institute of China Academy of Sciences".

The foreign trade team successfully opened international markets such as South Korea, Germany and Australia, and earned millions of dollars in foreign exchange.

Formally and strategically deploy the quality scheme of J-series connectors and RF wire harnesses for military industry, obtain UL certification, and complete the waterproof test certification of IP68 for the first time below 5m.


Gathering Yinghao will integrate injection molding, stamping, precision machining, assembly technology, quality inspection and R&D technology simultaneously and become an excellent supplier of the top 500 enterprises in the world.

Production Flow

We advocate an efficient and cooperative communication mechanism and advocate an open, inclusive and equal corporate culture. At work, creating value for customers in the industry is our first goal. In the team, we uphold cooperation. In personality, we always adhere to integrity and integrity, pursue Excellence and realize self-worth.


We will provide you with excellent service and technical support.
  • Head Office

    ADD:No.51, Rentian Industrial Zone, Baoan District, Shenzhen City

    CONTACT:Mr. Chen


    No.51, Rentian Industrial Zone, Baoan District, Shenzhen City

  • Base

    ADD:Xinyi town longzhen ancient city farmhouse

    CONTACT:Mr. Chen


    Xinyi town longzhen ancient city farmhouse

  • Suzhou

    ADD:D2 workshop in mining area, No.35 Xijinzhi Road, Suzhou High-tech Zone

    CONTACT:Mr. Chen


    D2 workshop in mining area, No.35 Xijinzhi Road, Suzhou High-tech Zone

  • Sales department

    ADD:Huaqiang North Road, Huahang Community, Huaqiang North Street, Futian District, Shenzhen City

    Contact:Manager Zhou


    Huaqiang North Road, Huahang Community, Huaqiang North Street, Futian District, Shenzhen City

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